Connectify goes Pro

Connectify – software that allows you to share a wireless internet connection as an Access Point or Hotspot has gone PRO. The two versions – Pro and Lite are differentiated by the functionality they provide. You can get it here

The developers describe it as

Connectify is an easy to use software router for Windows computers. Users can wirelessly and securely share any Internet connection: a cable modem, cellular card, even another Wi-Fi network with other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, laptops, and gaming systems.

I’ve advocated the  product to a couple of clients where they need this kind of functionality for mobile users travelling around locations. However with this release I see even more reasons for use. Summarising the differences in the version below – the one that leaps out is the XP support – woo hoo.

Free vs Pro

Highlights of Connectify Pro Include:

  • Share Wi-Fi from 3G/4G Networks – Connectify Pro now supports sharing Internet from Qualcomm Gobi-based 3G/4G cards in addition to a wide variety of other USB cards and dongles
  • “Scannify” Service Discovery – Connectify Pro will automatically scan your network for available shared folders or drives, web servers, and other remote services and provide you with options to easily connect
  • AutoInternet Selection – Connectify Pro intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share! When set to “Automatic,” Connectify automatically detects your active Internet connection and makes necessary configuration changes to your hotspot
  • Fully Customizable SSID – Name your hotspot whatever you want! The free version requires your hotspot name to start with “Connectify-”
  • Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista – Ad-Hoc Mode only