Console.log growing on SBS 2008

The SBS management console in SBS 2008 is a useful management tool for those maintaining an SBS server. However if you have been around SBS 2008 for any length of time you will have no doubt come up with some of the issues relating to database or log file bloat. One that you may not have come up against is the incipient growth of the console.log file that relates to the SBS console. If you leave the SBS console option – which many admins do – for extended periods of times you can get an unexpected growth in the files size – sometimes up to several gigabytes. So the simple fix is to ensure that the console is closed and then rename (or remove) the console.log file found in c:\program files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\.

Given the space pressures found on SBS 2008 servers – every bit of storage that is not wasted is always welcome.