Euro for it now

The Euro symbol has been around in Windows for quite a while since the currency was introduced. However it was a recent problem when archiving files for an Accountancy client that I can across a strange issue trying to move the files or put them in an archive folder. The common thread between the failure to copy and the inability to create a zipped compressed folder with the files in it was that the filenames either started with or containing the Euro (Alt 0128) € symbol.

The message given when trying to create the compressed file was

“The compression cannot be performed because the file or directory ‘D:testfilewitheurosymbolinname’ contains characters in its name that Compressed (zipped) folders cannot store:”

The solution in this case was to rename the files containing the offending character.

I couldn’t find a list of characters that would trigger this problem but obviously the Euro symbol is one of them so beware…

In a similar vein a folder for a particular client of the account was in the form firstname.surname and refused to be copied also with an error

Cannot recreate or replace firstname.surname: cannot find the specified file

The solution here was to go into the folder that contained the folder with a fullstop in it and using dir /x get the full name for it.

In this case the folder was called con~1.o’n and using

rename con~1.o’N con_oneil

the folder was then able to be moved