Getting a copy of your IOS router config offsite

As part of a client engagement I was looking at their cisco wan infrastructure. I know that I prefer to look at a hard copy of the configs of cisco routers especially when trying to understand the design of the router network. So I was looking for a means of getting the config from serveral routers back to my locationg for further analysis.

The solution requires a tftp server accessible on port 69 remotely – so in this case I used a free download from Solarwinds which you can get from here. You could use any suppliers tftp server. Once the server is in place you can use the ios command

copy running-config tftp

and then supply the remote ip address where your tftp server is running. You will also be asked for the name of the file at the remote end – I found that I was getting 0 byte files transferred if I used the default name suggested by ios so I simply used config as the file name for the first and config2 and config3 and so on for the remaining transfers. The filename proposed had special characters such as hyphen in it and this may have contributed to the zero byte transfers.