Getting your ducks in a row – approaching a new project

A new project for a client kicked off a few weeks ago with the agreement  between the client and software supplier. Over the next few weeks the project will ramp up and this is the time in a project where the tone for the whole project can be set. The approach a client adopts at the initiation of a project gives a direction to the project team and project steering committee. In my experience the buy in to a project by those funding the project is one of the key elements to a successful project. The acknowledgement of the demands on staff and an organisation embarking on a major IT project is vital to prevent the whole project being dumped on the project manager who is often a team leader.

If managed properly projects that will benefit a business gain from a seperation in the project manager role and team leader roles that are required for a successful implementation. If mismanaged – you run the risk of a failed project with all the costs and damage that go with it. Manage your project team and the project has a much better chance of success. Always build in a risk analysis and a robust reporting mechanism if you want to keep the project on the rails.


Looking forward to a challenging and rewarding project with the client. Roll on 2012.