Two outages – one day

Today I was investigation some issues regarding non resolution of a domain. It had started intermittently yesterday but became more prominent when  I was off site. Checking I found the name servers in question for the domain were DNS2Go’s – a supplier I have used many times to deal with dynamic dns addresses in projects. Since that check it seems that Dns2Go are having availability issues.

To top that off I had a UTV adsl client (ISP based in Northern Ireland) report their service down. When I eventually got through to the service desk – I was told that the service had been of for 10 hours so far and that no ETF (estimated time for fix) for this issue was available.

Just shows that the dependancy on web based services needs careful consideration and backup measures.

PS – I’ve since change the Name servers for the affected domain and thats working – and it seems UTV’s outage is gradually clearing. However since this is not the first time that UTV have been affected the client wants to look at alternative options for service. I also will be reviewing the use of Dns2go for critical systems.