Give it some welly !!!

If you have purchased a computer within the last couple years, chances are it has a multiple core CPU (dual-core, triple-core, quad-core, etc…). The main benefit to a multi-core processor is for multi-tasking. You can surf the web, watch a video, and reply to emails all while being able to burn a DVD at the same time.

However, while Vista is loading, only one core is being used. You may notice that it takes a long time for your computer to fully boot-up and be ready for use. To reduce this boot time, take full advantage of the multiple cores and get the job done quicker. You can force Vista to use all available processors. To do this, please follow this tech tip below:

In the Start Menu Search Box type “msconfig”. Click Enter.

(You can also use this shortcut: Windows Key + R)

Navigate to the Boot tab and click Advanced Options.

Place a checkmark next to the box for Number of Processors.

Choose the number of processors you would like to use in the pull-down menu.

Check the Detect HAL box. Click OK.

Check the box that reads Make All Boot Settings Permanent. Click Apply. Click OK.

The System Configuration window will pop up. Click Yes to confirm.

Restart your computer.

See what mileage you get from the change