Cannot find check file msexch_isclienttype in Check_MK after adding an Exchange Host?

This issue appeared when an Exchange 2013  server was added as a host in Check_MK RAW 1.2.8p9. It appears once you have added the host and are trying to activate the changes made. The error appears like this and prevents the updates from being saved / completed. The solution is to find a related check […]

Be A lert – Your country needs Lerts

In enhancing a Helpdesk application I wanted to expand the notification capabilities to include SMS from the application on the generation of new calls. More about the specifics of that in another post but one thing I wanted was to be able to differentiate when calls from a specific mobile came in on the iphone […]

Zenoss core 4 now available

The open source monitoring solution Zenoss gets a new release with 4.2 New features include An Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) message bus New jobs system for asynchronous tasks New high performance event management system (100M + events per day) WMI support ExtJS 4 JavaScript Framework support Advanced monitoring for legacy and cloud platforms with continued support for OpenStack and […]