Hal – whats a POD and how long have you been one ? Geoff.

Hal – whats a POD and how long have you been one ? Geoff

Well Geoff – its seems I’ve always been a POD (Prince Of Darkness). Ever since I entered the world of IT – Information Technonology – not International Terrorism – I have used my powers where possible to thwart the efforts of IT cowboys who roam the range that is IT support. If you knew some of the feeble advice and self serving rubbish that gets spouted by those purporting to “Do IT” – you would show them the door.

Being a POD is not for everyone – you become the “bête noire” for those who seek to mislead or take advantage of clients who thnik that all IT companies are equal. At times its difficult to show why companies can claim to do lots of things for clients but under scrutiny are shown for what they are – charlatans and con merchants.

So if you get the chance to strike back for clients who have suffered abuse under the hands of fake IT support companies- just think – you too may become a POD. You know you’re worth it

For clients – my advice – make sure you know what your IT Support can and can’t do – better still test them before fate tests your IT.