To Infinity and beyond (just make sure you pay BT)

A client who migrated to BT Infinity (vhdsl) broadband  service recently contacted me to say that internet access had slowed and then stopped for all their users. Remote checks found that access to machines was unavailable – basically it looked like the link was down. After checking with BT the client was told that everything was working and that they didn’t have any problems.

After a router and VM reboot for the main gateway providing server – nothing had changed. On closer inspection on site it was found that access to the internet had not failed – it was possible to connect out to sites using ftp and rdp but not to web site using http.

A second call to BT support involved getting the client to call – give details and then pass over the phone. A quick “Is this a billing problem?” got the response yes and after some checking – which showed the client had paid – the http access reappeared.

So the moral here is – pay the piper (and make sure they know it) or they will cut off rather than the tune !