Juggling with the Joggler

Sometimes support can be slow – then there is O2 and their Joggler support. Picked up on of the units after a tipoff from a friend when the units were selling at £50. The unit arrived quickly enough but despite repeated attempts to go online and set up the unit – no joy. It would hang after saying it was connecting to the internet for the first time. Logged first call and was told someone would contact me. Week passed by no call. Called again – details taken again – callback promised. Two weeks passed. Finally on Monday called again and was adamant that would not be leaving them alone until got an answer.

Now in between these calls I tried on a regular based to go through the setup. Both wired and wireless. DHCP and Static configurations. Two different Routers and service providers. Same result every time. Now while waiting for the callback yesterday – idily went through the static setup for a wired connection for what must have been the 50th time and whoa – connection made and update offered !!!!

After 5 long minutes – the update finished – unit rebooted and able for the first time to actually see some content on the Joggler. So not a faulty unit after all – more likely a faulty connection / update arrangement. Irony then – call from O2 three hours later – when had to explain to a techy about what had been tried and for how long and the fact that it was now working. Great !!

The moral of this

Suppliers should try sometimes to get support for their own products – kind of a secret shopper approach. O2 would certainly find that the info on their website is abysmal and that their convoluted mechanism for ringing up – getting details and taken and then being offered a call back at some unspecified time – just doesn’t cut the mustard. Shame on you O2 – we thought you had learnt something after the Iphone support fiasco that you put people through – but obviously you haven’t.