Knowing ME knowing you – aha

The ME in question here was Windows ME. I had to look at a video issue on an old HP pc and noted that yet again the spectre of ME raises its head. I know that it wasn’t particularly popular in larger organisations but I’ve seen enough machines with ME (with problems) to know that it is not usually a straightforward issue.

So in this case the first problem was that the colour depth was 16 colours and it would not let you change the settings even after multiple reboots. The answer was reinstallation of the Matrox G200 driver for the video card – which then lead me to the second problem. Clicking on items not working and the system refusing to show certain things such as the device manager settings.

Final solution to the problem was that the settings for the left click on a folder contents had been changed and they needed reset to the defaults for the machine to operate correctly.

Another one for the scrapbook.