Living with your kindle (get calibre now)

After my first week with a Kindle I have to say that I am well pleased with calibre and its integration with the Kindle and other readers. After aquiring some new books and trying to organise my exisiting library I realised that the best means of acquiring the books and getting the ones I wanted on to my Kindle that calibre is the Kindles as Itunes is to IOS devices. get it here

With a large number of public domain ebooks to load I was concerned about the stability of calibre to deal with all these different types of documents but I should not have worried. Like a sturdy workhorse calibre was able to plough through the avalance I threw at it – coping with vast documents and corrupt items. I was able to transfer over 1000 items with cailbre prompting for conversion to the Kindle internal format.

This application should be in the box with the Kindle !!! Get it here