Poor signal on Orange Iphone ? Try turning off 3G

I have suffered with poor and annoying service with Orange since replacing handset about 6 months ago. Previously I had no issues with Blackberry handset and Orange. The only saving grace was that I have a second handset on the same contract. With the joining of forces between Tmobile and Orange into EveryThingEveryWhere – I have been using the hybrid Orange/Tmobile network but this was not much better for this problem.  I noted that the service was equally diabolical on the iphone when travelling in the UK so contacted Orange business to discuss again. In the interim we have turned off 3G and set network selection back to Automatic. Since must surfing and updating of the iphone is done in a wireless capable office the loss of 3G at the moment may not be any hardship. A better signal and more reliable texting and email is what I need from the device. We have set a trial for three or four days to see what the change does and then if that fails will look at sim or handset replacement. Heres hoping 🙂