Prompted for a passcode on your Iphone with an exchange email account ?

Recently I replaced an existing blackberry installation where the users had replaced their handsets with Iphones. The change was a shock to the system due the absolute lack of tooks for corporate management of Iphones. During the email configuration  which requested we create a passcode  we noticed something very  very annoying. The passcode is requested regularly when the phone is idle. Under settings you find that the option to turn it off is greyed out.

After a bit of research  I found it was caused from a setting that the Exchange server controlled.


If you decide this is too annoying for you

Login to a machine with the Exchange Management Tools installed

Open the Exchange Management Console

Expand the Organization Configuration

Click on Client Access and then choose the password tab

Remove the check from the box that says Require Password

Once the policy is pushed back out your users should be able to remove the passcode from their phones. This is under the settings option and will no longer be greyed out.


As to the rationale for the client changing from Blackberry to Iphone ? The network provider did not support skype on the particular model (Torch) of blackberry that they supplied to the client.