Reasons to upgrade Snagit

SnagIt v9.0 has some great features but by far the best for me relates to the “continuous” capture capabilities through the autosave. Put simply you capture – it saves and then when you are ready to collate your documentation you can open the captures you want – rather than having to capture – copy paste or capture – save every time.

This feature alone is worth the upgrade !!!

The full list of changes is below

Added multiple image editing capability.
Added autosaving of captures.
Added persistent undo for captures.
Added automatic metadata capture which includes capturing date and time, application, and website, if appropriate.
Added custom metadata tagging with custom keywords and several preset flags.
Added searching functionality.
Modified SnagIt’s editor to support Microsoft’s new Fluent UI.
Upgraded SnagIt’s image processing capability.
Updated SnagIt’s theme to black.
Updated SnagIt’s help documentation and added more tips within the product to provide better contextual help.
Fixed many issues with text capture.
Fixed several memory leaks.
Fixed a crash bug with multipage PDFs and TIFFs.
Removed Instant Messenger Output.
Removed the Catalog Browser.
Removed the Classic View.