I’m seeing double – double

Finally I have been able to restore the status quo. I have had to do without access to the two additional screens that were attached to my previous Dell PC when I acquired the Precision T7400 with a Quadro FX 1700 dual headed video card. Why Dell could not provide an option to purchase two at the point of purchase I can’t fathom. So here goes ….

So rather than have two screens doing nothing I decided to get another card – thats where the fun begins. Basically because its a T7400 and is running Vista 64 BIT – your choices are pretty limited.

From the advice that Microsoft and Dell gave – the choice is – use the same card type as the second adapter – which means £350 for another FX1700…..

I tried several Nvidia dual headed cards in the machine but basically only one is allowed by Vista – it actively disables the second. I keep to Nvidia but that was an issue when the software for a 8800GS was installed. So I ended up acquiring a second FX1700 card – fitted it and rebooted – to a BSOD in NVLDDMKM.sys with a stop ox00000050 error and 4 blank screens.

The solution – remove the second card – boot and remove the version of nvidia driver software that the 8800GS had required – replace it with the latest from the nvidia site and reboot again. Now able to locate the second card and extend desktop onto screens 3 and 4.

Now to get them physically located in a line rather than two above two as is the current arrangment !!