Senturion firmware update

Highlights of the latest Sensatronic Senturion climate monitor firmware updates. Sensatronics continue to add new functionality and enhance the usability of the unit.

From the release notes

Version 2.34 – Dialer Support

Support for external automated phone dialer – Receive pre-recorded voice alerts

NTP Support – Configurable NTP Server, time zone, and daylight savings time

Status emails – receive scheduled status emails showing current status of the Senturion and Probes

Firmware version now shows on Senturion LCD

Local Probe 1 & 2 now show configured probe name on LCD

Changed reset button behavior to the following: – Tap reset button reboots Senturion – Hold for 2 seconds (LED turns White) resets admin password and sets to default network settings – Hold for 18 seconds (LED turns Teal) resets unit to factory defaults.