Seriously – it is a mouse !

The Microsoft Wireless Arc Touch doesn’t look like your fathers mouse. Its a departure from the “full body” mouse that we have gotten used to in the various sizes from desktop to ultra portable. It actually looks more like a mobile phone and the means on switching on and off involves bending the lower part of the mouse unit until it makes a cracking sound !!!

So looking at the mouse in off mode is as follows




And then in on mode (with the arched “back”)




The mouse buttons consist  of left and right buttons seperated by a metal strip which acts as the scroller (and which makes a clicking noise when stroked).




This mouse is equipped with Bluetrack technology and a 30 ft range. The usb wireless adapter is very small and might be confused with other similar connectors but so far has been very reliable. The “funky” design of the mouse is a crowd draw – with several people asking what the device is.