Supporting users with VNC single click

Many people use VNC to support remote users and simply install the software on the remote machine and setup NAT passthrough on routers to get to the machine.

However a tip if you want to support someone who hasn’t got VNC on their machine and you have a static IP address. Use the VNC Single Click online creator (here) to build a custom windows .exe file that you can get the use to run. Place it on a web server or other location that the user can access and run it. Then open port 5500 on your router and start the VNC listener for that port.

When the user runs the application – its their machine that makes the connection out to your support machine.

The process for generating the file is as follows – – download the components from the site (some icons and text files) – edit the helpdesk.txt file and change the host section to your routers static IP address. Make sure port 5500 is opened and pointed at your machine. Zip all the file components in a zip archive.Then go to the Online creator site and upload the zipfile. It will compile and then give you a link to your custom exe file. Save it to you machine and then place a copy on your web server where the use can access.

Now when you want the user to get support send them the link for example and they will be prompted to run the application.

Some more info about this vnc derivative …

What is SC ?

UltraVNC SC is a mini (166k) UltraVNC Server that can be customized and preconfigured for download by a Customer. UltraVNC SC does not require installation and does not make use of the registry. The customer only has to download the little executable and Click to make a connection. The connection is initiated by the server, to allow easy access through customers firewall.

What is the difference between UltraVNC and UltraVNC SC ?

Size: UltraVNC is about 650k while SC is only 166k
SC can only do a reverse connection while the normal version server can listen to viewer connections.
SC can NOT be run as service, no logon or Ctrl-Alt-Del is supported.
SC can only do File Transfers, Directory transfer is not yet supported (but will be soon).

SC doesn’t use registry and password. Settings are preconfigured, password is not needed for an outgoing connection.