The upload of “Calendar” failed when publishing calendar from Outlook 2007 to the web

The exact message is

The upload of “Calendar” failed. The next upload attempt occurs with the next send/receive. Server returned an error.

Happened every time Outlook 2007 was sending and receiving – very annoying !!

I got this or so I thought shortly after receiving a published diary from a colleague. Looking under tools – email accounts – Published calendars showed no calendar.

So I clicked on change account and was shown a message saying “If you change your account, all calendars published to Microsoft Office Online will no longer be published”. Well since I don’t have any published according to outlook – I pressed continue and then sign in. It then told me I was logged into Live Id under the account I always use for that service – clicked next and finish – and was rewarded with a status screen and finally with a “Your calendar was published successfully” message. I could then send the diary to colleagues needing sight of my calendar.

So all back and working again …