The Iphone “Iphone” could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (1602).

Not what I wanted to see really. I’d just gotten around to downloading the January 2008 update to see the new goodies like

  • Improved maps
  • New homepage management
  • The ability to send multiple SMS texts
  • View lyrics in music
  • Access chapters in video
  • Grab webclips from the Internet.
  • So to get around the 1602 error – I simply had to do a hard reset on the Iphone and then reapply the update – this time successfully.

    The hard reset approach entails removing the Iphone from its caddy – pressing and holding the home button (the white square at the bottom) and the on/off button on the top of the Iphone. You will get a prompt for shutdown and slide to accept that. Press on/off button again to start Iphone and put back into the caddy to recommence the update.

    You should be rewarded with

    Iphone Updated to 1.1.3