The minstrels in the gallery

The minstrel in the gallery looked down upon the
smiling faces.
He met the gazes — observed the spaces between the
old men’s cackle.
He brewed a song of love and hatred — oblique
suggestions — and he waited.
He polarized the pumpkin-eaters — static-humming
panel-beaters — freshly day-glow’d factory cheaters
(salaried and collar-scrubbing).

For those of you that don’t recognise the lyrics above I’ll put you out of your misery – they come from a song by folk / rock band Jethro Tull whom I had the pleasure of seeing at the weekend. Give that the band is embarking on its 40th yes Fortieth Anniversary tour this year.  You can find details of the tour and the band here and if you possibly get a chance to see them – go. It will not disappoint. The bands incredible delivery and tongue in check lyrics are a lesson to todays musicians.

The five piece band deliver a tight – true to the original songs voyage through 40 years of recording and touring – the gig finished with the bands iconic “Locomotive Breath” which pretty much blew the packed audience away. I saw one particular family with three generations of family at the concert and the look of delight on their faces after the standing ovation finale said it all for me. Jethro Tull – still delivering after 40 years.

PS – For me the highlight was the epic “Budapest” – worth waiting for 15 years to see for myself.