The reason we all need a blackberry ? – Part Deux


Having been a blackberry user for a while – the change to the 8800 handset from an 8700 model was a revelation. The additional power – layout and improved ergonomics made it a completely different experience to the previous models. Whilst some users feel the Pearl better meets the needs of a Blackberry phone user due to its form factor – I want something that gives me additional functionality even at the expense of being bigger.

For users that move between offices and clients and want to have some of their office functionality the 8800 provides some additional opportunities in the area of instant messaging. For me the killer app on an 8800 would be something that bridged the gap from the desktop and in the case of Skype the application was IM+ for Skype for Blackberry from ShapeServices.

IM+ for Skype

You can get that app at ShapeServices web site

Current details are :

IM+ for Skype For BlackBerry

v. 3.12

IM+ for Skype is a fully mobile application that enables voice and text communication with other Skype users and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles.