Tick Tockler

Previously I mentioned an issue with the Escape key no longer responding. The app in question was called Tockler and I reached out to the author regarding the issue I had seen. Since then he has responded and issued an update relating to this which you can get from Github here.

The application  tracks your time by monitoring your active windows (only titles) and idle time. This can be used for example to jog your memory about what you were doing at a particular time. Additionally you can use it to confirm how much time was spent on composing that extensive email or researching that piece of work for a client. In fact the uses are legion but the benefit of the app is that it tracks all the windows opened and then active to build up a bigger picture of activity.

I made some suggestions that I hope the author will consider as the app could be very useful in helping you learn where your time is spent (right now writing a blog post) and consider if you need to change your patterns of work and breaks to be more effective. Hopefully other ports will cover these requests in the future.

When I see the trend to coding – seated in virtually one position for hours – this app provides the opportunity to coax the user into taking breaks, reviewing progress and perhaps considering if this task they are working on is the best thing they could be doing.