Transferring an Itunes Ringtone to a Blackberry

Well – not satisfied with your efforts getting a Garageband tune on to your Iphone ? Better half wanting same tune on her blackberry handset ?  Help is at hand

If you still have the ringtone named as a .m4r file you will need to copy or rename it back to a .m4a file for this

On the machine that has the blackberry desktop installed (or if you have never done that download it from you will also need the Blackberry  Media Sync package. Its a small download but very useful in this case. Make sure you have a memory card in your blackberry to hold the new music or you won’t get anywhere with this.

In itunes if you haven’t already added the music file to your music  –  use the file – add file to library option and pick up the .m4a file.

Once in the itunes library you can use the Blackberry media sync to get the file transferred. Start the Blackberry Media Sync application now.

Press the “Show iTunes Playlists” button in the program to drop down a menu with all your songs. Press the “Sync” button to transfer the iTunes to your Blackberry.

Now that you have the iTunes on your phone, it’s time to pick your favorite one to set as your ringtone. If you already know how to change your ringtone, this part is easy. If you don’t, proceed to the final step.

From the home screen on the blackberry, scroll to the profile icon (usually in the top right corner, looks like a megaphone.) Click it and scroll to the bottom of the list to “Advanced…” Choose which profile you want to set the ringtone to, such as “Normal.” Click on Normal and scroll to Phone. From this menu it’s pretty self-explanatory how to change your ringtone. When your phone rings, it will play the first 30 seconds of the iTune you select.