WordPress is 3 – how you’ve grown

I have been waiting for the latest release of wordpress for a few weeks now. I was busier than normal with project work so didn’t get a chance to play with the release candidate. However I got to run through the upgrade procedure yesterday and again it was a pleasure. I think I say it every time that I have need to update plugins or WordPress itself but it really does show how these types of upgrades can be done in a sophisticated but simple way.

This type of robust programming should be a target for all developers web and traditional. The confidence it gives and the professional look of the updating process in WordPress is what we should expect in all apps but sadly its not what we typically get. I hope to influence a project that I’m on to facilitate something similar in an application that we are hosting and developing.

So after all this time WordPress is 3 (in version terms) – I’m hopeful that it will continue to develop and improve the blogging experience. Perhaps yet more people will embrace the product and us it to make their comments and contribution to the Web. Your chance to give something back.