Working Alfresco

Not working outside but using Alfresco the document collaboration tool – free as a cloud app. Paid for subscriptions are available.

I got my invite yesterday (go here) and it was great to be back using Alfresco – which I had used in pilot for a client some time ago. There are free Ipad and Aphone apps and it works with Quickoffice or Pdf Expert. Its a private collaboration network just for your company.

Currently Yammer is the flavour of the month with me and its used extensively. I will be looking at this cloud release to see if it can improve on the Yammer offering and make switching worthwhile.

The site answers may questions you might have but the pertinent ones are repeated below

How do I sign-up?               It’s easy. With your company email address you can start or join your private Alfresco company collaboration network. When the first person from a company signs-up, the company network is established. Then, when anyone else with a company email signs-up, they will be automatically joined to that company network. Any user can create private collaboration sites and invite only specific team members. Or, users can create public content sites that anyone in the company can access.


Why do I need to use a company email address?               Alfresco was created to enable teams and companies to get work done together.  So by identifying you by your company email address, we can automatically join you to your company-wide Alfresco collaboration network.  Without extra steps, you will be able to see company ‘sites’ quickly and invite team members to collaborate easily.  You can always set-up private or moderated sites for just a few team members (for a project or for a team), or you can use your personal private site for documents that you aren’t ready to share.


Can I invite external (non-company) users to my collaboration site?               Yes, absolutely! When you set-up a collaboration site, you can invite company colleagues or external users (even free/public email addresses).  Let’s say you are working on a new presentation with your creative agency.  You simply set-up a private site, and then invite users to it.  If your users are external, you just invite them with an email address.  External users will ONLY have access to sites they are invited to – not the entire company network.  If you ever want to terminate their access, you just dismiss them from the collaboration site (or delete the site altogether).


What do I get for free with Alfresco?               It is free to get started with Alfresco in the cloud. When you sign-up, you join your company’s private collaboration network.  Each company collaboration network starts with 10GB of storage for free (that’s potentially thousands of documents) and unlimited users from your company domain.  You can set-up as many content collaboration ‘sites’ as you would like (you set-up sites for projects, teams or content groupings).  This free, private content network will be available to you forever, so you don’t have to worry about any future charges to keep your 10GB of storage.  All of the powerful document management, collaboration and workflow features you see today will remain free.  Also, the Alfresco mobile apps for iPad and iPhone are free, as well.  As we add features, we may charge for certain ones – but we won’t take away any features that you are using today.  So get started now – you have nothing to lose!