Zenoss core 4 now available

The open source monitoring solution Zenoss gets a new release with 4.2

New features include

  • An Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) message bus
  • New jobs system for asynchronous tasks
  • New high performance event management system (100M + events per day)
  • WMI support
  • ExtJS 4 JavaScript Framework support
  • Advanced monitoring for legacy and cloud platforms with continued support for OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Support for RelStorage, SNMPv3 trap and IPv6 Monitoring
  • Enhanced ZenPing suppression
  • Rest Eventing API
  • New message queue (RabbitMQ) backed multi-stage event pipeline to supplement  with full text indexing engine (Lucene)

You can get it here and it comes in various forms including a VMware vm ready for use