And 1 makes five – Vsphere 5 is here

After what seems like an eternity Vsphere 5 is with us

Vmware recently announced the general availabilty and  said ……

VMware vSphere 5 also introduces three key new flagship features – Auto-Deploy, Profile-Driven Storage and Storage DRS – that extend the platform’s unique datacenter resource management capabilities, delivering intelligent policy management to support an automated “set it and forget it” approach to managing datacenter resources, including server deployment and storage management. Customers can define policies and establish the operating parameters, and VMware vSphere 5 does the rest.

Heres and extract of some of the headline VMware vSphere 5 Features and Benefits……….

Enhancements and new features in VMware vSphere 5 will deliver better application performance and availability for all business-critical applications and introduce advanced automation capabilities to free IT from manual processes and be more responsive to the needs of the business, including:


4X larger VMs scale to support any application. With VMware vSphere 5, VMware will make it easier for customers to achieve 100 percent virtualization. VMware vSphere 5 will be capable of running virtual machines (VMs) that are four times more powerful than VMware vSphere 4, supporting up to 1 terabyte of memory and up to 32 virtual CPUs. These VMs will be able to process in excess of 1 million I/O operations per second, which will far surpass current requirements of even the most resource-intensive applications. For example, VMware vSphere 5 will be able to support a database that processes more than two billion transactions per day.

Updates to vSphere High Availability (HA) offer the best protection against unplanned downtime. VMware vSphere 5 will feature a new HA architecture that is not only easier to set up (customers can get their applications set up with HA in minutes), but is more scalable and offers superior availability guarantees.

Intelligent Policy Management: three new automation advancements will deliver cloud agility. VMware vSphere 5 will introduce three new features that automate datacenter resource management to help IT respond to the business faster while reducing operating expenses. These features will deliver intelligent policy management: a “set it and forget it” approach to datacenter resource management. Customers will define the policy and establish the operating parameters, and VMware vSphere 5 will do the rest. VMware vSphere 5 intelligent policy management features will include

Auto-Deploy will enable IT to automatically deploy servers “on the fly” and will be able to reduce the time it takes to deploy a datacenter with 40 servers from 20 hours to 10 minutes. Once the servers are up and running, Auto-Deploy will also automate the patching process, making it possible to instantly apply patches to many servers at once.

Profile-Driven Storage will reduce the number of steps required to select storage resources by grouping storage according to user-defined policies (i.e. gold, silver, bronze). During the provisioning process, customers will simply click to specify which level of service the VM requires, and VMware vSphere will automatically use the storage resources that best align with that level of service.

Storage DRS will extend the automated load balancing capabilities VMware first introduced in 2006 with Distributed Resource Scheduler™ to include storage characteristics. Once a customer has set the storage policy of a VM, Storage DRS will automatically manage the placement and balancing of the VM across storage resources. By automating the ongoing resource allocations, Storage DRS will eliminate the need for IT to monitor or intervene, while ensuring the VM maintains the service level defined by its policy.

The most advanced hypervisor architecture in the smallest footprint. VMware vSphere 5 is the first version of VMware vSphere built exclusively on ESXi™, the only hypervisor purpose-built for virtualization that runs independently from a general-purpose operating system. With an ultra-thin architecture, ESXi delivers industry leading performance, reliability and scalability all within a footprint less than 100MB, which means streamlined deployment and configuration as well as simplified patching and updating and better security.

Have downloaded my copy and plan to get an early view