Goodbye Multiboot – we loved you – Hello Windows 8 Desktop Virtualisation

If like me you went through the phase of having multiple operating systems on machines to allow you to switch at boot time – then its likely to be the end of the era. No more will we be competing to see how many different operating systems we can get on to one machine ( I think 8 was a personal best – bearing in mind we had more O/S and variants then (come back Os/2 all is forgiven)). With Microsoft’s (not unexpected) announcement that Windows 8 will support hyperv based desktop virtualisation we will finally be able to get the best of both worlds although it remains to be seen what support is made available for all the linux variants. I have said for some time that the next release of an MS desktop O/S would not be a real O/S and now its going to come to pass !!

Nearly time to order that Dell Precision Laptop with extra processing power and memory you’ve always wanted 🙂

Laptop on and running in 8 seconds – Isn’t it – Wasn’t it – Jumpers for Goalposts – I’ll get my coat…….