Windows 10

Window 10 Version 2004 – whats new?

The first thing that strikes me about the new release is the additional of a tool that helps figure out why a windows 10 update fails. Having spent too much time working out the vagaries of why a particular model of PC or even a particular PC fails to update when other “identical” models don’t […]

Windows 10 search issue blues ?

If you were affected recently by the failure of the search in Windows 10 – where you were presented by an empty black box as shown – you may be asking yourself what on earth is going on The fact that your search – primarily for local apps on your machine could be hijacked and […]

Get back (on the screen)

Ever had the situation where an application starts up off screen or partially off screen in Microsoft Windows? Many times and with many different apps this thorny problem comes up. Multiple displays and screen management software multiply your chances of seeing this. Two options probably cover most of the cases – 1) the app is […]

Any port in a Query ?

As applications have evolved and more service oriented applications are in use the frequency of conflicts between applications trying to use TCPIP ports increases.  There are many well known ports such as 25 for mail and 80 for web but in theory any app can use a port if its not in use by another. […]

Windows 10 tips

I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts when possible – its much quicker than rooting round trying to locate the thing you want in Windows. In windows 10 with new features come new or reused shortcuts. WIN + A This gets us the action centre with the latest notifications WIN + I This is the […]