Get back (on the screen)

Ever had the situation where an application starts up off screen or partially off screen in Microsoft Windows? Many times and with many different apps this thorny problem comes up. Multiple displays and screen management software multiply your chances of seeing this.

Two options probably cover most of the cases – 1) the app is partially visible and an icon for it appears in the taskbar or 2) only the taskbar icon appears. You find that rebooting the machine doesn’t help – this is possibly because the app has stored its last location and is reloading each time you start it.

So here’s a couple of ways to try and get that misbehaving window back where you want it

  1. Change your screen resolution – try something smaller or larger to force a refresh
  2. Use the Windows Key + D to hide / show the desktop  (press it again to toggle back)
  3. Select the item in the task bar. Hold the windows key while pressing right or left arrow key
  4. Press shift and then right click the item on the taskbar  and select move from the context menu – move cursor to the window and when it changes to cross arrows – left click and drag the window to where you want
  5. Right click a blank area of the task bar and select Cascade Windows


Depending on what kind of window / app is open you can also try right-clicking the icon for the application, then choosing “Properties“. Under the “Shortcut” tab, change the “Run” setting to “Maximized“, then select “OK“. Try Launching the app again.

For me with a recent issue – where the window was almost 90% off the screen – option 4 above did the deed.