Logmein cashs in – check your renewal costs

After noticing messages on two logmein accounts that advised of changes in subscription terms and costs I was not happy to see the costs associated with the subscription had increased substantially from last years value. It was bad enough when Logmein capped the number of machines that could be managed with the free logmein client but then to do away with the free model altogether and force users down a chargeable route – with costs escalating every year potentially.

Another two features of Logmein’s approach are worthy of scrutiny. One is the automatic renewal of the subscription if your credit card details are valid. Given the hike in pricing that could have bee very expensive with potentially $1000 between two accounts with a 100 hosts. The second one is even less tasteful. You cannot remove your credit card details without adding a new one !

The solution – contact support and request that they prevent autorenewal when the subscription expires – and find a more cost effective alternative to LogMeIn !!.Check out Teamviewer and ScreenConnect for a start

I have been a loyal user of logmein and have paid for a service for several years but this is the end of the road for a product that should still be free if not using the premium features.