Fitbit tips – keep on running !!

Two recent issues with a Fitbit Surge (watch) lead me to write up these two tips This issue had arisen when I went to check the status of the fitbit and my Iphone to see what pairing was in place – more about that in a moment. I then realised that I couldnt access the […]

Living with a Fitbit Surge

Having previous had the Fitbit Zip – in fact two of them I had experienced the app and the tools that the units offer for tracking activity. However the ease of losing the units did not enamour them to me so I considered alternatives but eventually settled on the Fitbit Surge. The wrist mounted “watch” […]

Are you a FitBit ?

A recent present was one of the Zip devices from Fitbit – its a pedometer for recording your physical activity. Given the static nature of much of my daily work I thought it was a very useful idea to get an actual figure for the number of steps I take in a day and see […]