The operator will ScreenConnect you now !

As part of a migration away from LogMeIn and its over priced model one of the remote control options used was ScreenConnect from here. The application is self hosted as a web based service which means you really want a static ip based fully qualified domain name. The software is easy to install and test – with some checks to show the status and accessibility of the application from the internet. The product boasts a number of features such as the ability to do a “rescue” session by providing someone the url and a one time code to get access to their machine. It also allows the permanent connection “a la Logmein” connections that are quite common on remote support arrangements.

The package is licensed by the number of sessions that can be in use – that’s one thing I would like to see changed as 1 session is not really enough – how many times have you been on one call when another call call comes in that requires you to disconnect and reconnect when really you need just a brief intervention for the second call and then back to the first.

The installers for the various supported operating systems are selectable for installation through the web connection and so far this has been limited to Windows servers and clients so I can’t yet comment on the Linux and Mac client installs – that will be for another blog.

I was impressed during the evaluation of the product in terms of the technical responses to queries I raised. The timezone difference between UK and US may have some difficulties but so far any queries have received a response as soon as they come on line.

So far the product has bedded in well  – more articles as we get used to the app and the add ons.