When 14 = 64 ?

64 bit support for office was not available in Version 12 or 12.1 of Paperport. The new version 14 release finally gives us back integration with Word , Excel and baest of all Outlook 2010 64 bit. It took two calls to Nuance to confirm this before installing and removing the old version. Upgrade was a little gritty due to a permissions problem on a previous installs fonts folder but the work around was easy enough – just choose a different base install folder. The new version feels a bit snappier and I’m looking forward to testing out the cloud linkage and the Paperport Anywhere too. The omnipage V18 integration means a simple round trip from scan to word document with just a drag and drop and click to confirm – sweet.

All in all it seems worth the upgrade cost to get the functionality we lost when Office went 64 bit and I hope that Paperport now returns to my desktop as an always open app.