Windows 8 Server

After some time spent with Windows 8 Desktop Community preview I took the opportunity to build a VM for the server o/s variant which was beta-ed on the same day. No great surprises but again this had to be deployed to Vmware workstation to get running due to the current HAL issues that are stopping the execution of the O/S on vmware esx 4.x.

The setup was very similar to desktop install and proceeded without much trouble. The graphics perforamance was acceptable but not exception due to the virtual nature of the machine and also I suspect due to the lack of optimisation at this time.

Main areas I will likely look at are the VDI options with this beta and the changes that will require familiarisation before this edition makes it to market. Obviously a lot of the issues in windows 8 desktop will apply to windows 8 server and so mastering one will put you in great stead for the other.