Monthly Archives: February 2012

No Pi for me today

Today is the launch of the Raspberry PI – a no frills but very low costs development project. The initial interest has been so high that both supplier web sites taking pre-orders crashed and they the project has been mentioned on Radio 4 twice today – Great way to launch !!     Raspberry Pi […]

3cX integration options

A client asked me yesterday regarding the integration facilities of 3CX as they are exploring its use in their company. The main features to point out would be the Myphone web based interface allowing changes to the operation of the users extension and redirection services. This runs off the same web as the main 3CX […]

Trilead Vm Explorer update

I see that my favourite ESX backup tool has had an update. Looks like one of the fixes will resolve an issue I found with a client’s installation VMX 3.7.029 New support for ESX & ESXi 4.1 582267 Fixed vCenter refresh problematic Fixed problematic related to non latin Characters Fixed file level restore copy issue […]

AD user reporting

If you want something simple in terms of a user report from Active Directory and you don’t want to get into ldidfe to get the info you want – this little download might just be what you are after The tool can be found hereĀ and its free Its an Active Directory users list reporting tool […]

Snagit update to 10.0.2

My favourite screen capture tool got an update recently. Think one of the fixes mentioned might explain a problem I have seenĀ – off to updated and test 17 January, 2012: Snagit v10.0.2 Fixed a bug where Snagit crashes when installing the default accessories on Windows 7. Fixed a problem with image scrolling in Firefox when […]

3cx Cloud edition

An interesting development on the 3cx product for resellers how are currently or wish to host clients PBX requirements on their own equipment. The cloud edition allows you to consolidate ten clients on one server. A very interesting proposition for those working with multi tenanted buildings needing flexible and easily deployed solutions that change rapidly. […]