Up the Junction

If you are familiar with Unix and other operating systems – you will have no doubt come across symbolic links However I find that a lot of Windows admins don’t see the appeal or benefit of being able to redirect users to another directory. So when a client requirement meant that I needed to move […]

What’s New in DSM 5.1 ?

More like “What hasn’t changed ?” Get a look at the full list here The highlights ? Automatic updating – save yourself some effort keeping secure Security Advisor – checks to see if DSM settings are optimal Service by interface – you can control which of the two nics services use New backup destinations Azure, […]

Ooops – another update for Itunes

An update for any of you experiencing problems after the last update to Itunes V11. Some people had asked me about various issues but comin so soon after the original release this didn’t seem so apparent. Anyway the new release 11.01 has appeared and according to Apple This update to the new iTunes addresses an […]

Attack of the Disk Fairies

Many years ago while working on unix mini-computer systems from IBM, HP and Data General (now consigned to the annals of computing history) – disk IO monitoring and performance tuning was all the rage – attempting to get the most out of the systems that were implemented. Indeed much effort went into the development of […]