Windows 8

Seems iffy (UeFI) to me

The latest in a catalog of efforts by Microsoft to keep  other players out of the operating systems field takes another leap for with the software giants attempt to tie the use of hardware to an operating system (which they certify). The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface  (UEFI) is a specification that defines a software interface […]

Windows 8 Release Preview arrives

Its here. The long awaited final preview of the next Microsoft O/S. So whats it likely to contain. Mainly more representative apps than the “blocky” ones in the consumer preview.- more drivers for more new hardware and better compatibility with existing hardware due to the feedback from the previous “release”. What the new release hints […]

The end of the end of support for XP

According to a Microsoft email I got today This fortnight marks 2 years to go until support for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 comes to an end. After April 8th 2014 there will be no more security patches, no updates to online technical content and no free or paid assisted support options from Microsoft. […]

Tx2/8 = ok

A further investigation into getting Windows 8 Preview on to a HP Touchsmart TX2 (Lazarus) involved putting a blank hard disk in and re-running the install to rule out previous failure was to do with Windows 7 being on the machine already. In this particular model of tablet there is an adapter for the sata […]

Win8 from a usb key

Time to get a working machine and not a vm running the Windows 8 preview. Given that not all machines that you would want to try out windows 8 on – have a DVD drive then we need the USB option to get up and running. Microsoft have usefully given us a tool from the […]