How quick can you type Phrase Express ?

I recently removed my text macro application because it was causing hangs with another application. So I was in the market for something that would give me simple macro text substitution and that would play nicely with he other keys apps I use all the time. So it was fortuitous to say the lease that along with an announcement of a new version of Maxivista – which reviewed here – the developers mentioned another product called Phrase Express which you can download from here the support site. There is a free version which I recommend you get as soon as possible.

One thing that differentiates Phrase Express from a lot of other tools in the same vein is that it has a full blown network version which means you could use this to create standard libraries and macros for a team of people with only one point to manage.

A round up of the main features

PhraseExpress expands text abbreviations into full phrases for you. E.g. typing ‘sig’ could insert your signature into any program.

PhraseExpress provides this known MS Office Autotext feature in any Windows program, e.g. Internet Explorer, Excel, Database Front Ends, etc.

PhraseExpress recognizes repetitive text input automatically and offers to auto-complete full sentences on the fly.

Spell Checking
PhraseExpress automatically corrects spelling mistakes in seven languages in any program.

Clipboard Manager
While the standard Windows Clipboard keeps only the last copied data, the PhraseExpress Clipboard Manager stores recently copied clipboard contents for instant pasting into any application.

Program Launcher
Launch programs simply by entering a text shortcut. For example, type ‘word’ to launch Microsoft Word or ‘exc’ to open a spreadsheet.

Email Signatures
PhraseExpress can manage your email signatures for use in any mail program, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird. Dynamic contents can be embedded from ActiveDirectory/LDAP.

Easily manage multiple signatures of different languages or separate footers for personal vs business purposes.