Lotus Notes 8.5

Notes 8.5.3 is here

Whats new and improved in Notes ? New    Java Design Element for XPages Source    Control Enablement in Designer Improved    JavaScript Editor for XPages New   Preferences to control what is displayed in the Applications Navigator and   Controls Palette New    Designer Perspectives for either XPages development or Forms/Views  development Easier   deployment of extensions such as the Extension […]

That nesting instinct

I have come across this several times in both projects and when I have been pasting info from the web into a rich text field in a Notes application. The error you get is “Nesting depth Limit for tables exceeded”. It was useful to find the definitive answer on the actual number (since looking at the […]

No install option in Domino Designer 8.5.2 under Application ?

As part of researching a tool for allowing wireframe mockups off applications to be developed – the author of the program pointed me to a blog that mentioned how to integrate the application into Eclipse – or in my case the Domino Designer. This then prompted me to check the blog and discover indirectly tje […]