Home – Home on the xpage ?

A colleague mentioned a new OPenNTF xpages project that allows you to give users a web based xpages driven homepage like the Notes Workspace. You can download it from here. Instructions are fairly simple to follow. XPage Applications Homepage allows users to create their own workspace on web. They can add ‘n’ number of bookmarks on their workspace. All bookmarks give […]

A resource for Xpages development

The subject of Xpages development and the need for decent resources for new developers or existing Domino developers wishing to avail of the new technologies came up in a meeting yesterday. As a result I and some colleagues have decided to build an xpages “collective” portal – to start linking to and adding to the resources […]

Licensing and the cost of application development

I attended a presentation of a toolset to facilitate IOS native app development with domino data access today and was working through the practicalities and costs of implementing an application based on this technology and Domino Xwork server. Given the license implications per app and per annum that seem to be the norm with development kits […]

Need to export to XLS, RTF, PDF and HTML from your Xpages app ?

At the xpages bootcamp in Amsterdam last year – details were given of a mechanism to export data as pdf. This new project – ITWU Exporter On XPages  – shows how to implement this functionality in a standard defined way without any of the heavy lifting. Aditionally the other formats rtf,xls and html are provided. You […]