Belfast JS Meetup (April 17)

The Belfast Javascript meetup held at Rapid7 last night (26th April)  was a three section affair with the first talk on Accessibility (of apps and websites). As legislative and regulatory changes increasingly place the onus on designers and developers to Think Accessible – the talk was a useful reminder that simplifying design and planning to be accessible […]

Type mismatch in method RunStkCoerceVal in Lotusscript agent

This is a short tip which I picked up when writing a lotus script agent and couldn’t find any reference to the error in the context I was working. Type mismatch in method RunStkCoerceVal in Lotusscript agent STRING found Null expected. The agent was simply getting data from a back end document closureinfo = doc1.getitemvalue(“closuredetails”) […]

Start PICKing On Your Data !

When something related crops up several times in a few days you really start to wonder whats going on? In a conversation with a client regarding a ERP system upgrade we got to talking about the database it was written in and they were surprised when I knew what this database was. PICK was used […]

Cooking A Raspberry Pi

Got my first chance to work with the Raspberri Pi. The process is relatively painless and involves downloading an iso image for the os and transferring it to the sd card using an application provided for this purpose. This makes the SD card bootable. Finally attaching network card – hdmi video – keyboard and mouse […]