Netools of the trade

In discussion with a colleague around the tools we use for debugging and diagnosing issues with local area networks and internet access – I happened to mention a tool I had just come access. The is a hardware device which they describe as a Network Engineering Tool. The best way to think of this […]

Windows 10 search issue blues ?

If you were affected recently by the failure of the search in Windows 10 – where you were presented by an empty black box as shown – you may be asking yourself what on earth is going on The fact that your search – primarily for local apps on your machine could be hijacked and […]

Dymo Connect and Remote printers

If you haven’t used the Dymo range of label printers – you have been missing out. Across a range of clients I have seen the ubiquitous workhorse providing label printing solutions in a variety of industries. The Turbo models of the Dymo range (Dymo 400 Turbo)¬† are the most common models that I have used […]

Tick Tockler

Previously I mentioned an issue with the Escape key no longer responding. The app in question was called Tockler and I reached out to the author regarding the issue I had seen. Since then he has responded and issued an update relating to this which you can get from Github here. The application ¬†tracks your […]