Monthly Archives: January 2012

Distributed network monitoring and analysis

When working with clients with multiple  sites and trying to determine the normal operating parameters of the links between sites. Most router providers don’t present any information about the average latency or jitter or packet loss on the links that their devices carry data on. In the past I have used various solutions from complanies […]

Database backup using ftp

Most admins will have used or set up ftp servers to facilitate transfer of data between machines. A colleague mentioned seeing  a utility that combined backing up ms sql data and the use of an ftp server as the destination for the backup. The utility he had seen was SQL BACKUP and FTP from There […]

Sage payroll trying to update rather than fresh install

Hal – I am having issues installing Sage Payroll 2011 onto my new laptop.  I accidentally installed Sage Payroll 2010 (which I have since removed) but now the Sage Installer is looking for which installation to upgrade, when I select none the installer exits.  Thanks, Marty. Marty – I have had the exact same issue […]

What to do about spam texts ?

This phenomenon affects some people more than others but is on the rise. You get a text in offering “No win No fee” court case for an accident (which you haven’t actually had). Alternatively you get “Did you take out a bank loan prior to 2009? You are entitled to £2300 in compensation”. I could […]

The user with three hands

Hal – whats the oddest problem you have had reported by a user recently? – Peter. Well Peter. I recently was told by a user that a member of their staff was having difficulty with a laptop. Seemingly the user was having to apply pressure with their palms on either side of the trackpad to […]