Swift for Goodies

As a resource for learning Sift and SwiftUI – I have previously mentioned Hacking with Swift and Paul Hudson.  Along with Ray Wenderlich this site is a really useful source of info for swift ios development and I have to say I like Paul#s style of deliver and the areas he covers. While listening to […]

Hidden Hidden devices – part deux

What goes around comes around they say. This problem I wrote about more than 10 years ago and it still pops up today. In this previous post I explained how physical devices and their drives can be hidden by windows – even when the option to show hidden devices is chosen in device manager.  In […]

There’s the snag(it)!

One tool I use daily is Snagit from Techsmith. Documenting the work I do for clients and record that information quickly and with annotations requires a good tool for screen shots and marking up images. I’ve used the tool for many years – and each version has brought some new features or enhancements. There are […]

Go Big or Go Home

Working in support or just working on multiple projects usually dictates have multiple screens. For many years I had fours screens running of a Dell Precision workstation and this served most of the tasks I could throw at it. In fact I’d say it was pretty much the perfect configuration until users that I support […]

Draytek SmartVPN client failing to start or connect

This issue came up with a client who was connecting remotely to a Draytek Vigor device  – other users were able to  connect successfully. Checking the version of the router software showed it was fairly recent. On observing the laptop with the problem I noted two things – 1) the draytek smart VPN service was […]

Don’t give up on your new year resolutions !!!

January 17th, is the day we give up on our New Year’s resolutions apparently According to this article – Strava a social network for athletes that tracks runs and bike rides ,  found Jan. 17 is the day most people lose sight of their goals Two and a half weeks into , that is how […]