Life without Steve

At a recent social gathering – the subject of Steve Jobs and Apple came up. Interesting to see how far Apple and Steve have penetrated the general population rather than just the IT crowd. The topics ranged over the Apple approach to products and “innovation” through the previous history of Apple and some of the […]

Apple IOs and DHCP issue

A client reported a problem with wireless dhcp clients losing connections after a short period. After investigation it was found that all the affected devices were running Apple IOS – Ipads and Iphone 4 handsets. Researching the problem brought up a well documented experience of the issue by an American University here. What surprised me […]

IOS updates

Interesting to find a few IOS updates and changes while I was away. having a couple of IOS devices can actually be a pain to administer since each requires the updates and its not easy to see if they have all the same apps installed. I find it amazing that Apple haven’t streamlined some of […]

IOS5 looking good

Have been looking at the range of changes and additions that are coming in the next IOS release probably in september. Most are small but overall it seems that the OS for Ipad and Iphone is maturing and becoming a bit less “gadgety” and a bit more “businessy”. I’m glad to hear the suggestion that […]